Friday, March 7, 2008

I am tired of snow!

As anyone in Eastern Canada and the North Eastern US knows, we have yet another stupid snowstorm on the way. We got a disgusting dump of snow Tuesday night/Wed and we have more on the way tonight and tomorrow. I am not impressed. I just couldn't face digging out my car to do it all over again, so it will be twice as bad when I get to it on Sunday or Monday. So I'm hoping I can curl up with a book, making cards, and doing homework. Hot chocolate and chai lattes will be my friends!
My empathy to anyone else who is getting this storm. I vote we send it all to the southern US. We should be nice and share!


Janine said...

I agree... We are bracing for 15 to 30 cm.. right now just snowing lightly... Can't wait to see what the morning holds!!

Kira said...

We're supposed to get most of it tomorrow I think. Good luck!