Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Card box!

I had bought an extra unfinished box from Omer DeSerres a while ago when they were on sale. I was sure I'd come up with a use for it sometime, and I did. I started to get a pile of finished cards, many that I had no destination for, so I needed somewhere to put them. And then, of course, I had to do something with the box!

I had bought this gorgeous paper a while back and had thought I might use it for a scrapbook page, but I got inspired to pull it out for this. I also pulled out a sheet of metallic dark brown. I loved the look of the chipboard box so I wanted to keep some of it visible. Very simple. The only thing that took time was to cut the pieces for the front. I might do more to the top sometime, but for the moment I like it plain like this.

On another note, the weather here is quite disgusting. It started to snow last night and we had awful wind today. And the snow is going to keep coming! We have a risk of even more snow on the weekend! I am so ready for winter to be over. Digging my car out has gotten very old. Thankfully I can get to school on public transit.


Janine said...

Beautiful job !! We live in London Ontario and we got a huge dump of snow last night and this morning... UGH !!

Kira said...

Thanks! And I know what you mean, Janine! Us too. And more predicted for the weekend! I hate snow!!!