Thursday, March 20, 2008

Cherry ABC Time!

I decided to do something that wasn't a card finally so I pulled out my glass paints and a plain heart-shaped glass ornament that I bought after Christmas when stuff went on sale. I had decided to make something for my Grandma and in honour of all the cherry pies she has made I decided on cherries. I started on the front, used the outliner, let it dry, then painted in the cherries, using black to shadow the bottom and white to highlight the tops. Then I did a leaf with the same thing. The back of the ornament I painted with pearl medium, a few coats. I didn't let it dry enough between coats apparently so it buckled a bit, but it just looked like cracks and weathering from the front.
I finished it off with outliner to write "Sweet as cherry pie!" then painted the edge with red and used gold outliner to edge it then paint on dots. And voila! I have glass paints to be used on dishware, so I have to let it dry then bake it, but then it will be permanent.
Aside from that I've been working on a OSW set of cards which I haven't quite finished yet. Looking forward to sharing them when I do finish though!
The weather was nice for a couple days but is supposed to head back down below freezing for the next few days. My car is still frozen to my parking spot, so that is less than exciting news. Oh well. Still waiting to get an email from my LSS about the Bella stamps I ordered so I guess it's good I can't drive out there yet.
Hope everyone has a good Easter weekend!


Charmaine (CharmWarm on SCS) said...

This is just adorable! How neat!

Carolyn King said...

How cute is this---I am gonna have to find those after Christmas next year. What a fun project!

JenMarie said...

Eeek, CUTE!