Friday, February 29, 2008

Wishlist added

I thought it might be fun to keep track of just what new stuff I'm lusting after (at least for craft projects), so I added a wishlist to my blog. I know that my top 5 (paper trimmer and Bella stamps) are going to be my Easter treat, and Easter can't come soon enough! The usual thing seems to be showing off what you just got, but I'd love to see what other people wish they had too! Afterall, we can't always have everything all at once, can we? I get jealous seeing some of the amazing materials other people have, so this gives me a way to keep track of what I really would like after I discover something amazing. And hopefully a way to keep myself from quite so much impulse buying!

Birthday card for a little cutie!

With being rather far from home for school (5 days of not too strenuous driving) I have some excuse for getting my projects done early, but it sure means I miss out on the fun stuff. My friend's daughter turns 2 in March so I had to make a card (they already have the birthday gift). I got inspired from an older issue of a card magazine that gave some ideas about using clear or translucent materials. I had to CASE a card they had done making a window/pouch on acetate, but I wanted my pouch on patterend paper. So I pulled out embroidery thread and my paper piercing tool and went to work. Needless to say I figured out the deal by the time I was most of the way done. That's right, I do not own a sewing machine and therefore had to do all that stitching by hand! Worth it, but rather time consuming. I filled the pouch with some buttons, velum rectangles on which I wrote Happy Birthday with my Sakura glaze pens, and a little paper daisy by Making Memories. Then I just had to finish things up! As my friend adores pink there was no choice, at least until her daughter gets older and the cards are really for her. hehe.

Papers: pink and white heart stripe, pink cardstock, acetate
Other: flocked pink alphabet stickers, embroidery floss, buttons, star brads (or maybe they're flowers!), black Sakura glaze pen, black finetip marker, star shaped stick on rhinestones

More quilling!

Needless to say, quilling is rather addicting. Anyone who ever sat in class as a kid and rolled paper will understand. I haven't had much time lately what with assignments and classes and baking cookies (who could resist sugar cookies, spring icing, and the shapes of ducks, frogs and owls?!), but this is one quilling project I did manage to get done.
I got the inspiration from the March issue of CardMaker magazine, which I bought precisely because it gave quilling instructions. The original that I cased was an ATC with quilled stickers, but I did this all myself. I had to add in a second colour on the flower on the top left (because I ran out of pink!) so that decided me on making a blue heart. The corner rounder was a must just because!
Paper: large herringbone print in pinks, blue cardstock
Other: glittery start brads, birthday rubons, flower and fairy alphabet rubons, magenta, green and blue quilling paper, Elmer's glue, corner punch, scallop scissors.
Hopefully this weekend I can get some inspiration and fit in some new cards or finish up a box project I've had on the go for a while. I just need more excuses to make and send cards so I use up my stock pile!

Monday, February 25, 2008

So I discovered quilling...

I kept seeing stuff on quilling in DeSerres and I kept thinking that it might be fun to try. So when I saw a card magazine with instructions and realized it wasn't that hard I just had to test it out. And it's fun! I also realized that my family has quilled snowflakes included in our Christmas decorations, so now I have something new to add to my glass ornaments for Christmas!
This is the Easter card for my Mum this year and I'm quite happy with it. The bunny, duck and flower were from the Little Critters kit from Lake City Craft Co. and the egg was my own idea.
Paper: embossed white cardstock, aqua cardstock, light blue vellum
Other: blue and purple ribbon, white glue, quilling paper

Still settling in

Well, it will take me a bit to get settled in with a better banner and making a watermark and all that jazz, but at least it's a start.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

First post!

Welcome to my Blog!
After seeing all the fab blogs out there done by fellow card-making addicts, I thought I'd give it a shot, especially considering how inspired I am after seeing so many wonderful cards, recipes, sketches, and just committed crafters! So it's time to throw up some of my previous ideas just to share a bit!

Brown Fairy

This card was inspired by Stamp a Little Love Baby! by Cambria Turnbow. Her brown fairy card made me want to do my own! Especially when I remembered I had some fabulous fairytale paper! I absolutely love fairy tales, always have. The story on the right is the beginning of The Frog Prince.
The words on the little tags are "dream" "wish" "hope" as are on the original card by Cambria that inspired me. I just loved the sentiment.

Stamp: really old fairy stamp I got as a kid
Papers: Once Upon a Time small and 8x8 stacks, light brown, tan, and brown cardstock
Ink: Brown stack from ColorBox, Black from ColorBox
Other: antique brass brads, brown ribbon, dimensional squares, spiral paperclip, detail clear embossing powder, watercolour pencil crayons, brown pen

Green Fairy

This is another variation I've done on the same card. This time I used some greens for variation. It seemed like an obvious choice to me and I love it almost as much as the original one I made. I also changed the words on the tags to "dreams" "come" "true." I thought that seemed to fit well with the fairytale theme. The brads are antique gold as well.

What's Mew?

I had seen a layout similar to this on the Lizzie Anne Designs sketchbook. The pun is from the SU! animal pun set and I thought it was cute so I kept it in mind. I pulled out an adorable little kitten which looks far too much like my own darling Book.
If I do this design again, however, I would definitely find ribon that contrasted more with the main designer paper.

Stamps: kitten by All Night Media, alphabet from Walmart
Papers: white, pink and brown cardstock, red paper with swirls (any designer paper would be great)
Ink: black from ColorBox
Other: heart brad, pink and white stripe ribbon, detail clear embossing powder

Over the Moon!

I also pulled out another old stamp that made me think of another little saying. Cheesey, but I thought it was rather sweet.

I've recently rediscovered the joy of colouring and treated myself to a big set of watercolour pencil crayons for Valentine's Day (thanks mum and dad!). So now I've been trying to make sure I use them! They just go on so smoothly and there's the option of blending them if I want.

Stamps: On the Moon by All Night Media
Paper: blue cardstock, white cardstock, rectangles with gold dots
Ink: black by ColorBox
Other: green ribbon from Michael's, dimensional squares, silver pen