Friday, February 29, 2008

More quilling!

Needless to say, quilling is rather addicting. Anyone who ever sat in class as a kid and rolled paper will understand. I haven't had much time lately what with assignments and classes and baking cookies (who could resist sugar cookies, spring icing, and the shapes of ducks, frogs and owls?!), but this is one quilling project I did manage to get done.
I got the inspiration from the March issue of CardMaker magazine, which I bought precisely because it gave quilling instructions. The original that I cased was an ATC with quilled stickers, but I did this all myself. I had to add in a second colour on the flower on the top left (because I ran out of pink!) so that decided me on making a blue heart. The corner rounder was a must just because!
Paper: large herringbone print in pinks, blue cardstock
Other: glittery start brads, birthday rubons, flower and fairy alphabet rubons, magenta, green and blue quilling paper, Elmer's glue, corner punch, scallop scissors.
Hopefully this weekend I can get some inspiration and fit in some new cards or finish up a box project I've had on the go for a while. I just need more excuses to make and send cards so I use up my stock pile!

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