Sunday, April 27, 2008

More Cute Owls!

Did I mention I love owls? hehe. They are just so cute and so "in" this season. So I stocked up. This is from Olivia and Friends by Sassafras Lass. I like that some of the stamps look like kids' doodles and some are like this, just so sweet! The two sets, Oliver and Olivia, work together great because you get a branch and cloud with Oliver and two versions of "hoo!" with Olivia. Yummy!
So I've been posting that I was going to CASE a card by Dawn McVey. Well, this is it. You can see Dawn's card on her blog. I loved it. I was scrolling back through her blog, trying to figure out which card I wanted to case. I'd seen a few that I thought were just too much fun but some of them were going to be a pain (lots of circles in different sizes when one only has a single circle punch means lots of cutting down and drawing circles by hand and ick!). I looked at this one again and it hit me that I could use owls!
I put together the base card and the layer of blue design paper, then looked in my ribbon to see what would go. Yummy teal with the yellow! I used it previously here with Jammybella, just ruching it by pulling the yellow strand that comes threaded through it.
The owls were stamped in pink chalk ink on yellow paper and turned out a cute orange. The same with the "hoo!" stamp. I played around with how I was going to sit the owls but this worked best since I didn't quite draw my line at 1/3 of the card. When I got them on I stared at the card and was feeling all squirmy about all that plain orange paper. It just looked so bare, especially with the pattern at the bottom. Something had to happen. So I confined myself to adding 4 dew drops. I am still getting used to placing Dew Drops and the Glossy Accents I used as glue smeared just a little. I think I need to buy some craft tweezers because these things stick to my fingers just enough.
Amazingly enough, I actually think it turned out finished. I am resisting the urge to do anything more to the top. I will definitely have to play around more with this sort of clean style. Of course, I am not giving up all my layering and decorating and adding just a few more bits. But I'm going to try to push myself a bit to do less occasionally.
Stamps: Olivia and Friends by Sassafras Lass
Ink: Orchid Pastel chalk by ColorBox
Paper: blue daisies by K&Co, sunrise cardstock
Accessories: teal and yellow ribbon from Michael's, Flame Dew Drops, orange shimmer brad

ETA: So I couldn't help bringing this up... Have you ever found the perfect pair of shoes, tried them on, felt so comfortable, bought them, brought them home, only to discover they are half a size too large? I was stupidly wearing jeans when I bought them and didn't realize that the heel sticks out too far. They're a pair of cork wedges with cute straps and are super comfortable. The straps are shammi-soft gold and won't dig in or anything. I usually wear flats and I was wanting to find a pair of heels or something heel-like that would actually be wearable during the summer. These were at Winners (Canadian T.J. Maxx) and so were not too expensive. But I just don't think I can keep these shoes. So disappointing. I have an awful time finding shoes I like and will wear. I even found another store that had the same style (for $40 more!) and discovered they don't make half sizes and the next size down was too small and wouldn't even go on my foot. There is no hope of finding this particular shoe in a size that will fit. :( I did, however, get a cute pair of gold heels for very cheap. With reason, since none of the shoe is leather, but they are cute and wearable. But not nearly as great as the wedges. Alas, my search continues.


Carolyn King said...

this is soo cute...looks like those owls are dancing!!!

sorry about the shoes--happens to me a lot--i will try them on in the store, buy them and bring them home and realize they dont work out.

frustrating for sure!

Janine said...

Great owl card... They are cute!
Too bad about the shoes... When you least expect it you will find something perfect!