Thursday, April 24, 2008

Gift for Dad

I know it is very early to be posting things for Father's Day, but I have seen some cute stuff and thought I would share what I put together. My dad isn't much for collecting photos. He took videos, but he was more likely to be in the photographs. I had some photos on my computer of my childhood and realized that a large number of them were of me and my dad. I've always been Daddy's little girl so this seemed like a great way to say thanks and give him a reminder of all the stuff we've done together.

I started off with baby stuff. My parents adopted me so I wrote about that and had a cute picture of getting a bath in the sink. It's been a long time since I fit in there!

I also had a picture of my baptism with my dad holding me. How perfect?

Halloween has always been big with my dad. He loves dressing up in costumes and was always excited to get me dressed up and go trick-or-treating with me. One picture is of me when I was little, one when I was a teenager.

There were many road trips in my life, and dad was on almost all of them. We did trips to the cottage and we stopped to take pictures of a Prairie Lily on one. I also had to mention my cute little beetle that my dad helped me get.

Then there was graduation. Proud papa was there the day I got my first degree.

The last picture is from the drive my dad did helping me move. We drove across the country and happened to find the town where Winnie came from. Winnie would be the live bear that a Canadian soldier donated to the London Zoo. That bear later inspired A. A. Milne to write Winnie-The-Pooh. Disney endorsed a statue there and there is a cute little local museum. Winnie the Pooh is special to myself and my dad and has been. So it was just too perfect.

All in all, I am very happy with how the little book turned out. The ribbon is also special. I'm looking forward to sharing it with him! He'll be getting it early as I won't be home for Father's Day but I will be for Mother's Day. We'll just have to merge the two in our family this year!

The outside edges of the book were painted with gold paint to finish off the project.


Janine said...

What a fantastic gift!!

Carolyn King said...

What a very special gift--i am sure your dad will treasure this. Fantastic job--the details are all fantastic!