Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Card Box

I love my new card box. The box I had made last was just too small to hold all the cards I make. It wasn't wide enough to do two stacks of smaller cards so there was lots of empty space. Moreover, I needed something to hold all the cards I had made for my friend. The box I had made previously was perfect for that so I was in need of something new. I found a great undecorated "recipe box" at my LSS and bought it. It was just perfect, obviously sized for potentially putting cards in it since it would fit a regular card you could buy in a store. It will never see any, but I am happy with it.

I bought all the matterials at my LSS. Patterned paper, a sheet of coordinating pieces by My Mind's Eye, flowers, Dew Drops, letters and ribbon. Yum! I like how it came together although it might be too "busy" for some people. But it's just so bright and fun!

I used Mod Podge to glue on the paper covering the box except for the central pieces on the top. Those were attached using Teriffically Tacky Tape to avoid messing them up. I realized in the end that I got the very center red piece a little crooked but I couldn't fix it and it isn't too bad. The brackets are from the coordinating sheet by My Mind's Eye, the letters are Thickers. The Dew Drops and flowers were attached using Glossy Accents (got that tip from a blog although I forget whose, sorry for that). The ribbon went on with Terrifically Tacky Tape.

All in all, I'm stoked. I still have to decorate the 6 chipboard dividers that came in the box, but I need to see if I can find some cardstock that will go with the patterned paper. That's right, I didn't get it all properly planned out even on my 2nd trip to the LSS. Hopefully DeSerres will have some that will match. The colours I have are all just a bit off. Very frustrating, but not too unexpected.

Papers: Star Brigth Dotty Dude, Day Dream Check Her Out, and Day Dream Accessories Sheet from the Just Dreamy line by MME, Organic Poppy from Bo-Bunny's Back to Backs.
Accessories: Poolside Thickers, flame and water Dew Drops, Heidi Grace Aqua common flowers, blue and yellow checked ribbon from my LSS, Glossy Accents, Terifically Tacky Tape, Mod Podge.

As soon as I get the dividers decorated I will post them also. Could be a couple days. The next project is probably a card inspired by Dawn McVey. If you don't know her then you should definitely check out her blog. She does such beautiful cards and her style is so simple and clean and classy. Plus she's just such a sweetie! I always love posting comments on her blog because she writes me such cute emails back! That, and making her laugh is just fun! So now that she's heard time and again how envious I am of her style and how difficult I find it to just leave a card alone I have to try. If I fail and have to clutter up a card then she'll get a good laugh out of it. So hopefully I can do that perhaps this afternoon!

And I will be praying for a thunderstorm. It is humid and sticky here and I do not like it! Plus I miss thunderstorms. I grew up on the prairies where you could watch the storm coming and enjoy the thunder and lightning. Here in Montreal there isn't much of that and it is a bit disappointing. So here's hoping!


Janine said...

Very cool!! Now you have a place for all your wonderful creations!

Julie Koerber said...

This turned out so cute! Now I wanna make one!!