Monday, November 24, 2008


I got a little quiet on the blog, but that doesn't mean I've stopped working on my Christmas crafts!

I still have cards to post, but I've also been working on lots of ornaments that I have been hand-painting with stained glass paint. I love Pebeo Vitrea160. It is made to be used on glasses or plates, etc, and after baking can be put through the dishwasher. This way I only need one set of paints for decorating anything I want, as long as I can bake it.

I am still working on technique. I have issues getting colours to come out smoothly without brush strokes, especially on some of the ornaments I have painted this year. I tried a foam sponge, but it takes much more practice to get that to work properly I think. So this year, I went with the patchy, streaky look on purpose.

I blended in amber and purple on this one, having seen ornaments like that in stores that I really liked. Not to mention that my mother and I both love amber and amethyst! I used gold outliner to help distract from the spots where the two paints meet. It turned out looking pretty artistic and I'm very happy with it! Not to mention it can be hung up any time of the year, not just Christmas.

This cute little angel is for my friend's daughter. It is quite small. Excuse the blurry photo. Still getting used to the new camera! But you get the gist. The heart is raised up on the ornament, painted red, and then outlined with gold outliner which I ended up using a bit more like paint.

Another ornament with Amber paint. I streaked this one with yellow, red and black to give it a bit more depth. Gold outliner (also painted on flat) to add some interest. My friend loves browns so this seemed like a good choice! Again, one that could be hung up any time of the year, as long as it is out of reach of the crazy pets!

I am not the steadiest of hands, but I actually liked that the outliner wobbled a bit as I was drawing with it. As a whole, I think it works and hopefully doesn't just look like I can't keep from wobbling or was not as careful as I should have been.

And, to finish, a little Christmas tree. The front is painted with green, the back is painted with pearl. It gives more depth to it and adds interest I think. The star is part of the ornament, raised up, so I painted it yellow to help it stand out. I love the effect it has like this giving it shadows!


bahadur patel said...

fine photo.thanks.

House and land said...

I absolutely love the cute little angel ornament. It's cute. I hope I can also have one.
Have a nice day!