Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tea Anyone?

My mom requested a knit tea cozy for Christmas after I got into knitting again. I wasn't sure I was going to get around to it, but I hunted around online and found a free pattern from Bernat that looked simple enough that I could do it. As it is done in two pieces, I decided to do it in two colours of yarn. When I looked at the yarn in Walmart (I knew they had Bernat yarn which would make it easy to get the right gauge), the two colours I liked best were these two variegated ones. Or at least they were the ones that looked best together.

Getting the pattern going took me a bit, but the second side was significantly easier. I stitched the sides together and looked at it. It needed something on top. The original pattern just had a crocheted loop, but that looked boring. So I decided to make some corkscrews from I pattern I had seen here. I finished up the yarn I had left and sewed them on.

All in all, a nice, cheery cozy to brighten my mom's mornings. I will probably end up lining it after Christmas, but I figure it will be easy enough to do and some parts may be simpler with potential access to a sewing machine (like at my mother's). hehe.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful time! More cards to come, and now it is time to work on ornaments, a bag, some teacups.... You get the point! ;)

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