Saturday, November 15, 2008

Holly Jolly

I was looking at the sheets of MM Fa La La sparkly letters and was thinking how good they would be spelling out "holly jolly." Then I realized that I wasn't sure there were 4 "L"s there. And even if there were, at least some of them would be upper case and I wanted lower case ones. Then I remembered the paper holly leaves and berry brads from the same line! The lightbulb lit up like crazy!

I looked through my paper and I found this wonderful sheet. It is all one sheet, done to look like bits of a bunch of kinds of paper with lots of sparkle. Yum! I love how it turned out. Hopefully the "pictograph" is clear enough. hehe.

I've been having a great weekend, slowly poking away at all the other crafts I have left to work on. Very excited about a canvas tote I'm painting up for a friend. I know she's going to love it!

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Anonymous said...

Love this one Kirsten!