Thursday, October 23, 2008

Let the Christmas Crafts Begin!

Well, it's that time again in my crafting space. My vacation is over and I have gotten rid of the cold I caught right after, so it is time to get on with prep for Christmas!

The first things I have done are two door hangers, one for each grandma. As they live in communities where their doors get seen by other people, they each have had door decorations by me before. These are this year's Christmas offerings. The present is actually much more glittery and sparkly than it appears. The bow is metallic gold and covered in sparkly varnish, the ribbon metallic green with sparkly varnish. The reindeer has metallic red and green with a tint of gold paint on his horns.

I bought the two wooden shapes at DeSerres, both unfinished, then painted them myself.

I've been doing a bit of quilling too, but some of those things are going to end up on cards so you'll have to wait to see!


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